At LBMC Physician Business Solutions, our laser-focused experts save you energy, 通过提供基本的业务流程,花费宝贵的时间,从实践医学. 我们为医生和中级供应商提供收入周期服务,包括认证, billing, denial management, accounts receivable management, and MSO services. 明升体育app下载收入周期服务包含了一个IT解决方案(PM/ EMR).

Medical Practice Management Services

MSO healthcare companies, such as LBMC, offer pain-free solutions for physicians and mid-level providers. Our laser-focused experts save you energy, 通过提供基本的业务流程来增加费用和加重负担,这些业务流程占用了组织成长和实践医疗的宝贵时间.

As a partner in LBMC’s Medical Services Organization (“MSO”), 我们提供交钥匙或点菜安排,并提供由屡获殊荣的专业人员运营的全面服务,他们以最高效和最具成本效益的方式支持您的实践. As a MSO healthcare company, 明升体育app下载MSO服务在业内是独一无二的,因为它们提供了包括收入周期在内的全面解决方案, HR/PEO, accounting services, procurement, IT support and medical practice consulting–all outsourced.

您可以获得无缝集成的支持——所有这些都可以方便地外包. Plus, extra time to focus on patients and other medical matters.

Medical Services Organization (MSO) Resources

MSOs Give Physicians Time to Do Wha…

Medical Services Organization (MSO)

独立的医疗实践和以医院/卫生系统为基础的医疗提供者需要更多的支持, resources and expertise. LBMC的单一源MSO专注于医疗保健组织成功所需的基本服务. We offer a full suite of outsourced resources, 教育产品和服务,以满足您的实践需要,高效和有效.

明升体育app下载客户将收到为他们量身定制的MSO服务包. 实践可以从业务解决方案的交钥匙或点菜菜单中选择包括计费, HR/PEO, accounting and consulting. LBMC Single Source MSO还提供广泛的附加服务,包括税收, growth strategies, wealth management, IT consulting, and other related matters.

Healthcare Single Source MSO Services Include:

  • Financial & Accounting Services
  • Human Resources: HR Outsourcing (HRO)
  • Human Resources: PEO Services
  • 医师执业管理咨询/行政监督
  • Physician Practice Revenue Cycle Solutions
  • Procurement Services
  • IT Support Services

Additional MSO Consulting Services Include:

  • Coding & Compliance
  • Information Security
  • Merger Planning and Facilitation
  • Practice Startup/Development Services
  • Practice Structure & Governance consulting
  • Strategic Planning and Practice Assessment
  • Tax and Accounting Services
  • Technology Solutions
  • Wealth Management Services

Medical Practice Revenue Cycle Services

Nothing frees physicians, 中层供应商和他们的员工喜欢移交耗时的收入周期程序(计费), collections, coding, etc.). With our in-depth healthcare experience and expertise, we handle the arduous tasks of coding, claims processing, end-of-month functions, patient billing and payment processing, to name a few. 明升体育app下载全面外包服务由专业人士提供,并根据您的需求量身定制. 同样具有成本效益和效率-这些服务节省你的时间,精力和烦恼. 你将享受自由,可以专注于医学和其他重要的事情.

Revenue Cycle Services

  • Revenue cycle staffing
  • 具有电子医疗记录(PM/EMR)功能的IT解决方案,可执行第三方索赔处理和付款过账
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) management
  • Denials management
  • 月度/季度/年度财务和质量报告
  • Patient billing and collections
  • Payment processing
  • Provider credentialing
  • Monthly A/R closeout reporting
  • Certified coding oversight

Administrative Oversight for Physician Practices

我们在医疗保健行业有深入的经验,医生执业是明升体育app下载专长. 我们整合了来自LBMC家族的人才,以实现您的每一个缩略词——从MSO到HR到IT到EMR和ICD-10. 所有的交付效率和成本效益,并着眼于您的底线. To give leadership a competitive edge, 明升体育app下载行政监督服务评估业务,并为出现的问题提供随叫随到的访问. We’ll put out fires, run numbers and provide technical, financial or other expertise when you need it most. 它是全面的和定制的支持,为医生提供了无人能及的关怀.


  • Administrative consulting services to support practice leaders
  • Financial and operational consulting
  • Human resources services
  • Coding, billing, corporate compliance including compliance plan development, implementation and training
  • On-site monthly meeting
  • Operational consulting (assessment and review)
  • Unlimited consulting by phone or email

IT Solution for Physician Practices

We’re all about solutions. The technology kind. 还有一种是外包,为医生和他们的员工提供专业业务支持,他们更喜欢专注于医学.

从MSO到HR到IT,我们提供您日常运营所需的一切, 包括适当的IT解决方案- PM-EMR -作为您的账单服务的一部分. All with an emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ROI. 这是我们提供综合服务的另一种方式,可以治愈你执业中的任何问题.


  • Cloud and single data based IT Solution
  • Software interface management
  • Data migration supervision
  • Training and Deployment
  • Go LIVE support

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